The Song of the Desert Willow

He’s the soldier who was left at the altar.

She’s the girl who thought she’d sworn off soldiers forever.


Clara Malone is a college graduate who’s in Texas to deliver her grandmother’s last love letter, a letter to retired Brazilian General Mario Medeiros. Andrew Lee James is a young Army captain whose first shot at love and marriage imploded on the steps of a West Point chapel on graduation week. When the general is delayed in Germany with a weak heart, Andrew is put in charge of Clara’s well being.

Andrew wants to find the courage to tell off the woman who left him at the altar but now wants him back. If Clara would turn her amazing eyes on him with the slightest bit of interest, maybe his resolve would appear. But three generations of women in her family were ruined by Army men. Sure, he’s handsome. And yes, his eyes are the most intense shade of green she’s ever seen. But she didn’t date soldiers—not anymore.

Despite her reservations, Clara begins to cherish her time with Andrew, discovering that a month at Fort Bliss might be just what she needs to understand her family’s past and plan her personal future. But as days turn into weeks, the past refuses to stay in the past and puts her personal future in jeopardy.

The Song of the Desert Willow is a contemporary novel with a Southwestern flair.



On submission! My agent sent the book proposal to seven editors on September 6, 2017 🙂